Guests! Guests! Yayyyyyyyyy Guests!

When will the world's greatest guest arrive?
Sooner than you'd think, and most definitely sooner than you'd like!

And where will said guest be doing nearly all of their freeloading?
Why, here of course:

Are you not just the LUCKIEST host out there?

Are you not EXCITED?

Do you have a question? Would you like to get in touch?

Should I have added a nice helpful contact form here?

Probably, but let's be honest: you'll just use it to try weasel out of hosting, so... NOPE!

Guest incoming. Make your peace with it.

Important note:

While you eagerly and enthusiastically await the grand arrival, you may wish to brush up on how to be a good host.

Ever helpful, I took the liberty of including a link to some reading material.
Here you go:

Google search: “how to be a good host”

Yes, there will be a short quiz upon arrival.‚Äč

What you need to be doing. Tick tock!

No need to thank me. It’s no hassle whatsoever. Just doing my part!

I know. I’m just as excited for guests. There, there. Soon.

Get the kettle on, would you?